L.J.Seeds, Australia Pty Ltd A100 case study


Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

Subject: Amnite A100
Application: Continental Cucumber
Environment: Greenhouse, Plastic Covered
Growing System: Hydroponics, Run To Waste
Media: Coal Ash
Reservoir: Yes, 2.5cm Deep
Plant density: 2.5 Plants Per Square Metre
Application Frequency: Weekly
Application Method: Via Irrigation Lines Direct To Root System

Amnite A100 was introduced to the plants on the 25th April. Weather conditions were overcast and showery.


1-3: No visible improvements were noticeable

Week 4: The root system emerged from the drain holes of grow bags and spread through the reservoir of water, creating a mat of roots. Visible improvement in the plant leaves was evident.

Week 5: Leaf and fruit colour darkened significantly and root growth had increased by 40-50% over week 4. Fruit length is 15-18% better than what would be expected at the current temperature levels. Main stem fruit setting is now almost complete and no absorbtion of fruit is evident.

Week 6: There is now evidence of Leaf growth more associated with Autumn conditions, i.e. 20 degrees by night and 30+ by day and also humidity levels of 70-80% which is the optimum level of humidity for cucumbers.

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