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Land Application System (LAS), Design, Operation & Maintenance


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PLANTECO specializes in the use of green plants (phytoremediation) for the management of nutrients at municipal and industrial waste facilities and livestock feeding operations. Land Application Systems (LAS) consist of vegetated irrigation fields with selected plants that utilize the effluent wastewater as an efficient source of water and plant nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. PLANTECO has assembled a team of experienced environmental professionals that cut, bail, and maintain the LAS fields. Depending on ambient environmental conditions, cutting and bailing event(s) will occur through September on the targeted dates in the design. During mid-October, or when weather indicates, annual rye grass is planted for winter operations.

Following each bailing event, composite soil and hay samples will be submitted to analytical laboratories for analysis. Upon approval, the hay may be offered to livestock for feed purposes. Please note that hay with high nitrogen content may inflict nitrogen toxicity in cows, therefore the hay will always be tested by a certified laboratory prior to distribution to livestock owners. The hay may be used in composting and irrigation control as need be.

To complete the management of the LAS, PLANTECO also offers full monitoring well sampling and testing services. Our staff is capable of installing and executing each LAS system from inception to daily operation.

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