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Land, water, and forests : assets for climate resilient development in Africa

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Africa is a continent rich in natural resources. Its land, water, and forests underpin the sustained productivity of food crops and livestock on which millions of Africans depend directly for their livelihood and survival. These resources are major assets on which most countries depend for economic growth and sustainable development. In the face of growing climate change threats, such as temperature rise and frequent drought and flooding, African leaders recognize the crucial need to address vulnerability as a development priority. To maintain the ecosystem services in the Lake Chad Basin by conserving the water and agrosylvo ecosystems and ensuring the sustainability of use of resources in a context of energy efficiency and food security. The program is designed to address key lessons from the Strategic Action Program developed in an earlier global environment facility (GEF) project, notably: 1) the need for demonstration activities and demonstration sites, and 2) the involvement of communities in the implementation of activities on the ground through participation and capacity building at local level. The GEF program is built on the top of baseline investment projects related to poverty reduction, food security, rural infrastructures, and sustainable development in the Lake Chad Basin. Focusing on biodiversity, land, water, and forests, the program aims to improve the flow of agro-ecosystem services, including the climate resilience of ecosystems. In complement, the program promotes the demonstration, the deployment, and the transfer of innovative low carbon technologies in key sectors (agriculture, fisheries, water management, as well as the adoption of adaptation technology. The program will improve the capacity of resilience and adaptation of local communities in the Lake Chad basin. The program outcomes: i) increased efficiency of approaches and tools related to the consumption of natural resources and energy; ii) sustainability and resilience of productive landscapes; iii) strengthened capacity and knowledge for Integrated Water Resource Management and Water Use Efficiency; and iv) strengthened water and ecosystems management and improved riparian collaboration.

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