LED Grow Lights Case Study – Cajun Belle Peppers


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Grow Journal Of Cajun Belle Peppers Under LED Grow Lights
This cajun belle pepper grow journal uses our VF150 150 watt led grow light. The grow space is 2×3 ft although this single pepper plant takes up about 18×30 inches.

It was started from transplant on 5/28/13. The variety is Cajun Belle. Since this is an indoor grow, we did assist with manual-pollination to ensure fruit set.

Peppers Under LED Grow Lights

Growing Conditions:

  • 80/68 degrees day/night
  • 50%-55% humidity
  • Vegetative light cycle – 18 hours on, 6 hours off daily
  • Flowering light cycle – 12 hours on, 12 hours off daily
  • Using Compost Tea for feeding
  • Watering cycle – Feed, water, water, feed, etc with a full strength feeding between watering
  • Using ProMix with 40% perlite added

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