Little creek hog manure slurry store treatment case study


Courtesy of Nordevco Associates Ltd.

The Challenge: Significant build-up of solids on the bottom of the slurry store (approximately five feet) with an expectation of another foot of accumulation by the end of the season (fall 2006). The Objective of the treatment: Preventing the further accumulation of solids and reducing the existing level of sludge in the slurry store using the BactiDomus® Technology Bio4Swine® In 2006 the treatment resulted in a 37% increase in the volume of slurry pump ed as compared to the normal average. In 2007 the goal was only to pump 3,000,000 gallons to meet the Colony’s fertilizer needs for the season. It is also clear that had they wanted to, they could have easily met or exceeded previous year’s total of 3,700,000 gallons.

In previous years the Colony was forced to lift front end loaders into the slurry store to excavate the accumulated solids. Not only did this involve considerable amounts of time, effort, and energy it also created a serious hazard as extremely dangerous pockets of methane and other deadly gases that may have trapped in the solids could be released fatally injuring the Colony workers in the tank.

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