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Lots of firsts at this year's edition

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There will be a whole lot of firsts when the 2010 edition of Canada's Outdoor Farm Show begins Tuesday.

The IMUS™ biogas machine arrived last Wednesday morning from Alberta via transport truck, said Lorie Jocius, president of Canada's Outdoor Shows Ltd.

'It's the first time a mobile anaerobic digester has been moved across the country,' she said.

The machine arrived already loaded with digest-aid and, once they toss in some manure, 'they'll be lots of methane gas,' she added.

The newest exhibit at the famous farm show will document the process of anaerobic digestion and the production of methane gas from manure and waste products, and will include a mock-up digester that participants can enter and exit to better understand the process.

Since biogas production is dependent on manure, the demonstration will be closely linked to the Olympia Dairy Innovation Centre that features 70 cows being milked on two of the world's most advanced milking technologies.

'It's the only place where you can go to see two robots operating 30 feet apart,' Jocius said. 'They can see two types working side by side that are totally different.

'It's the only place in the world this is happening.'

The show will also feature its largest tillage demonstration to date, with 15 manufacturers and 26 types of equipment.

'This is an opportunity to actually see tillage equipment working,' she said. 'we show their features and benefits but it's up to the farmer to make up their own mind.'

Jocius said the show strives to educate farmers 'to see and understand' and doesn't promote any one product or company.

'We're trying to cultivate informed farmers out there,' she said. 'They can make their decisions on their own.'

Another first for the show this year is the sheepdog demonstrations, which features Vicki Kidd, her dogs and 140 sheep. Jocius said a growing sector in agriculture is goats and sheep, which has led to a renewed interest in sheep dog herding.

'Dogs are much better at keeping predators away,: she said.

Jocius said the show will only feature the dogs for two of the three day event because, after two days, the sheep learn the demonstration is not real and refuse to participate.

'We have protesting sheep,' she joked.

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show runs from Sept. 14 to Sept. 16 at Canada's Outdoor Park north of Woodstock. The gates open daily at 8:30 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Admission for adults is US$17. The entrance fee for youth aged six to 17 is US$5 while children under six are free.

Second-day wristbands are US$10 for adults.

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