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Every farmer, whether on a small family farm or with large farm production, has an inventory of all his farm materials; crop seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, harvested crops and other farm items. Whatever the size of his production, he uses those materials on fields and thus has the necessity to keep records of their inventory level.

In farm management, inventory plays a key role. It’s important for farmers to know at any moment the exact amount of items. Farmers can achieve that with Agrivi farm management software, which allows them to enter and track inventory stock for every item.

How Do You Create an Inventory in Agrivi Software?

No matter how many warehouses you have, and on which farm locations, Agrivi supports management of multiple inventory locations by organizing the inventory into one or more warehouses.


In the Resource module, under Inventory, you can add all of your warehouses, just like you have them on your farm. Inside each warehouse, you can add bins; which is a storage place for all items defined with the same unit group, whether they are all in weight, volume or pieces.


In the Inventory module, Agrivi lets you add an unlimited number of warehouses and bins, as well as inventory stocks inside each of them.

Adding of Items on Inventory

In the Agrivi Inventory module, items can be added in the following ways:

  • register initial stock: this is used when setting up the Agrivi account; it allows you to enter the initial stock for all of the items that you have on your farm, directly from inventory
  • expense: when registering an expense for a seed, fertilizer or pesticide, an item is automatically added to inventory; if that item already exists in inventory, its quantity will be increased
  • sales: when registering a sale of some item in the inventory, its inventory level will be automatically decreased
  • yield: registering of the harvest of some crop in task Harvest increases the inventory level for that crop
  • adjustment (+/- icon): item adjustment lets you register an increase or decrease of inventory level.; this can be made during the stocktaking process, when registering waste, purchase or sale and during switching a certain amount of some crop into the seeds, which will be used for sowing (corn harvested this year will be converted into the seeds for sowing in the next year)

Low Inventory Alarm

The inventory module allows you manage low inventory levels. If the alarm is set for some item and its quantity falls below the alarm level, the system automatically creates a reminder for that item to increase its inventory level.


In farm production, inventory management plays a key role. Thus, it’s very important for farmers to know the exact amount of every item in inventory at any moment, as well as its life cycle (purchase, storage, usage, sales).

Make your farming easier; use Agrivi software to manage your farm inventory from one central place.

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