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Managing core competences to create value for customers

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This article investigates the role of company's core competences in increasing product value for customers. The conceptual model included the steps of managing a company's core competences confirms that developing core competences makes company's products more valuable for its customers and thus provides its competitiveness in the global market. Nowadays Russian poultry farming enterprises are facing with the growing competition from the direction of foreign companies. The quality of Russian poultry products in terms of its benefits for customers would be better if national companies give more attention to developing their core competences. However the survey indicated that very often companies don't give enough attention to their core competencies in this regard. The implication is that core competences should be used for making company's products more valuable for its customers. A better understanding of company's core competencies allow to satisfy customers' needs better in order to become more competitive in the global market.

Keywords: core competences, Russia, customer value, core competencies, competitiveness, globalisation, global markets, poultry farming, agriculture, competition, foreign companies, food industry, product quality, customer needs, Sverdlovsk, farmers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurialism, relations management, relationships, value creation, sustainable development, sustainability

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