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Manure Compost A New Cash Crop

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A growing number of livestock producers are discovering manure compost as a new cash crop.

When Mark Meyer refers to the “magic” at New Day Farms, he isn’t referring  to  the  liquid  egg  products  generated  by more than 2.5 million laying hens.

Rather, Meyer, the environmental manager  at the Ohio facility, is talking about the nearly  38,000 tons of compost produced annually from  poultry manure, which is then sold throughout  North America, some of which he says has even  landed on the lawn of the White House.

“We are the only poultry facility on Ohio  that is 100 percent composting,” Meyer boasts,  adding that none of the compost is used on any  of New Day Farms’ 450 acres of land.  New  Day  Farms  is  among  a  growing  number  of  livestock  producers  —  whether dairy, swine, horse, poultry or others — that are  discovering manure compost as a new cash crop.

In  some  cases,  farmers  are  using  the  manure compost on their own lands, drastically  reducing the need — and substantially cutting  the costs — for synthetic fertilizers. The compost can also be used for animal bedding material.

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