Measurement of Canopy/Vegetation Reflectance with the UniSpec-DC


Courtesy of PP Systems

A good method for sampling reflectance of vegetation canopies is to connect a flexible, lightweight fiber optic cable (also referred to as “Foreoptic”) of a desired length to the detector. This requires a fiber optic with an SMA type connector at one end (to thread on to the detector) and a foreoptic with a defined field-of-view (FOV) at the other end (to limit the field of view to a defined region of the target). The FOV can be limited one of two ways:

  1. A lens with a defined FOV. For example, PP Systems can provide a lens with a defined FOV (3°, 6° or 12°) that can thread on to an SMA connector. Therefore, it conveniently connects to a fiber optic having SMA connections at both ends.

Field of View (FOV) Lens Ordering Information:

  • UNI700 3o FOV Lens Assembly
  • UNI705 6o FOV Lens Assembly
  • UNI710 12o FOV Lens Assembly

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