Measurement of Leaf/Canopy Level Reflectance with The UniSpec-SC


Courtesy of PP Systems

The UniSpec-SC, commonly referred to as a “Reflectometer”, is a single channel, field portable instrument designed for measurement of leaf/canopy reflectance. It features an innovative user interface with integral computer and large, full color LCD, built-in light source and extensive range of accessories for measurement on individual leaves (including needles) and vegetation. It is a truly, self-contained system that does not require an external PC for operation.

The purpose of this Application Note is to assist customers by recommending the proper accessories for specific end user applications.

Measurement on Most Types of Leaves
Most customers are interested in measuring spectral reflectance on a wide variety of flat leaves. For most “Plant Physiological” applications, measurements need to be non-destructive, in-situ, and measured in the VIS/NIR regions (310-1,100nm). It is also imperative that the software is capable of calculating the common “vegetation” indices such as NDVI, mNDVI, PRI, WBI, Summed Green Reflectance and Red/Green Ratio. In addition to the main unit (UniSpec-SC) which must be portable, the system must provide a light source suitable for reflectance measurements in the VIS/NIR, a bifurcated fiberoptic for delivery of light to the sample and for directing reflected light back to the detector, a sample holder (leaf clip) for sealing and holding the leaf in place at a fixed angle (60o) and a reference standard for calibration of the light source and detector. PP Systems offers all of these accessories for use with the UniSpec-SC.

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