MEGATRENDS influencing rural areas

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At the time we have several worldwide mega trends – maybe more mega problems – like:
  • CO² increase and climate change (increase of the avg. temperature of 1° in 100 years),
  • population growth (1960–2043 from 3 to 9 Bio people, in 250 years from 1 to 10) and
  • urbanization (in 2030 60% of the population will live in urban areas),
  • bio energy versus food and food quality vs. quantity,
  • water shortages and increasing natural risks
  • Biodiversity and land use change,

or in other words: 2,4 people per second more (= 76 Mio/a) to feed and parallel 0,2 ha arable fields per second less on the world (= 6,3 Mio ha/a, 10% alone of desertification)), 0,3 ha forests less (= 10,4 Mio ha/a) and more pressure on fields and meadows due to facts as climate change, bio energy use and hazards. To solve the embedded problems will only be possible WITH farmers, with agriculture-forestry and never without it; around 3 Bio farmers and foresters
worldwide could help to optimize and make it better. How to manage this?

Whenever we have targets we need to formulate them, to find people who work for them and we have to control the achievement of objectives. For all these facts, more and better ICTtechnology is a must. This technology is available today to a great extent. PROGIS can show,
how holistic future land use management will work, how single farmer/foresters or farm advisors can work for their benefit with advanced technology. We also show how groups of farmers who are responsible for regional targets that can´t be fulfilled from single farmers/foresters, can be integrated and how technology is used to manage also tasks like logistics, water quality and quantity management, risk management etc.

The technological capacities will increase also in the next decades with similar speed as in the
past. Moore´s law – performance increase doubles all 2 years - is still valid. The challenge will be
to integrate different technologies.

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