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Mississippi - Community case study


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The devastation and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 has forever impacted the Gulf Coast. The devastation and subsequent rebuilding has led to a shift in ideology from just simply 'building back' but into how can we 'build better' to reduce the impact of a similar storm in the future. Wastewater infrastructure design and construction have been fundamentally changed thanks to the lessons of Katrina.

Among the hardest hit areas were the coastal counties of Mississippi. As recovery and rebuilding began to occur, planning for infrastructure improvements also began to take shape. One way to reduce the impact associated with these storms is to reduce the number of people in high-risk locations directly in the storm's path. Encouraging development away from the coast would reduce the numbers of people exposed to another direct hit The Jackson County Utility Authority initiated the development of decentralized wastewater infrastructure in Big Point and Wade, Mississippi. These communities are located approximately 15-20 miles from the coast.

Neel-Schaffer Engineering of Jackson, Mississippi was selected as the design engineer for the projects. Wastewater from current and future developments will make its way to the two treatment and disposal plants through the use of STEP collection and small diameter pressure sewers. These two treatment facilities combined will have the capability of treating up to 220,000 gallons per day Upon completion and start-up, the systems will be the two largest decentralized fixed film media filters in the United States.

Quanics was selected to provide all the equipment for the projects as well as engineering assistance. Quanics selected their proprietary AeroCell System for treatment and utilized Geoflow Drip irrigation equipment for final dispersal. The systems at Wade and Big Point utilized a total of 63 ATS-16 AeroCell Modules, 270,00 feet of drip tubing, nine 40,000 gallon tanks from Containment Solutions, 58 pumps, 4 ultraviolet Disinfection systems and two of the largest control panels ever constructed by SJE-Rhombus.

Hemphill Construction of Florence, MS was selected as the General contractor for the project and they began construction of the system in the fall of 2009. While new to the installation of this type of system, Hemphill quickly demonstrated that were up to the task. The installation has gone smoothly and is the picture of perfection. Quanics' Gulf Coast representative, J.H Wright and Associates of Daphne, AL, provided design oversight and installation assistance throughout the course of the project.

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