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Mitigating climate change through oil palm cultivation

Oil palm requires 7-11 times less land area than soyabean, rapeseed and sunflower to produce the same amount of oil. Therefore, the use of palm oil for food and biofuel, has saved 97-159 million ha of land from being deforested for cultivation with lower yielding oil crops. This has avoided 27-45 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2-e) emissions. Oil palm also sequesters eight times more CO2 than soyabean. As a biofuel, the use of palm biodiesel results in 62-82% Life Cycle Analysis Greenhouse Gas (LCA GHG) reduction when compared with fossil fuel.

Keywords: oil palm, oil crops, LCA GHG reduction, green biofuels, climate change, deforestation, CO2 emissions, CO2 sequestration, carbon emissions, carbon sequestration, carbon dioxide, palm oil, palm biodiesel, fossil fuels

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