Mixing and filling system for egg yolk powder


Courtesy of Gericke

Subject: To improve the handling and application characteristics of egg yolk powder. Filling of drums and big bags.
Client: Adriaan Goede (NL)
Process: After drying the egg yolk is homogenised in a centrifugal sifter. A special vacuum conveying system lifts the very poor flowing powder to a weigh hopper. Discharging with a RA bin discharger into a horizontal double shaft GMS (Multiflux) mixer. Automatic filling of either big bags, drums or boxes.
Gericke Technology: Egg yolk is extremely compressible and cohesive. Pneumatic conveying systems transport the powder to the weigh hoppers. Gericke GMS Multiflux double shaft mixer applies minimal work on the egg yolk powder. The RA bin activator discharges and meters the poor flowing egg yolk powder. A GAC 232 feeder is used to feed the silica into the mixer. A GDU 451 feeder with weigh platform and roller conveyor fills the drums and boxes.
Materials conveyed: Egg yolk powder and Silica (Aerosil)
Bulk density: Egg yolk: 0,3 – 0,4 kg/l Silica (Aerosil): 0,05 – 0,15 kg/l
Capacity: 700 kg/h
System requirements: Egg yolk powder requires very gentle handling and processing. To avoid bridging and cakeing Gericke equipment has been adapted to optimise the process.

Gericke developed the complete installation as a turn-key project. Egg yolk powder is a very difficult product to handle, especially when it is warm. By undertaking product tests in our test facility, the product characteristics were determinded.

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