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Model-driven engineering for vaccine product data compliance

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Data quality is widely considered as a very serious problem for the majority of companies due to the specificities of each business context and the lack of adapted solutions. In this paper, we present the benefits of model-driven engineering (MDE) concepts in ensuring the interconnection of different business contexts specifications by providing a linked structure of models. This enables to generate bridges that connect implementations in different platforms. In this way, the systems interoperability can be satisfied throughout product lifecycle. The MDA approach is widely considered as a methodology for software generation from models, with a focus on enterprise and business models. Deploying a MDA approach in the supply chain context of vaccine industry allows us to deal with product data quality. In fact, it helps to translate some business models at a computer independent model through the MDA framework to generate a newly data model as well as some business rules and recommendations helping to communicate models. A deployment of the proposed approach is presented through some application cases studies.

Keywords: product data compliance, interoperability, model-driven engineering, vaccine industry, data quality, model-driven architectures, MDE, MDA, vaccine product data

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