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Monitoring level of wine vats

Solid’s MonoScan takes control in Suntime Winery, China, monitoring the wine level in over 60 wine tanks.

Suntime Wine Co. in Manasi city is today amongst the top 10 list of manufacturers of red wine in China. Suntime Winery produces red and white wine for both the local Chinese market and the international market. The winery aims for best performance, investing a great deal of time, care and labor in improving both the quality of the grapes and the efficiency of the production process.

The Problems

The process of wine making at the Suntime winery starts with fermenting the wine at controlled temperatures for up to two weeks. The wine is then kept fresh in stainless steel vats. The winery stores the red and white wine in some 100 stainless steel vats, at a temperature of between 10°C to 20°C. The size of the tanks varies between 9-12 meters (29.5- 46 ft.) height and are 4 meters (13.2 ft.) diameter. The production maintenance engineers need to sustain a constant control over the level of wine in the tanks, since the storage time is a critical element in the wine production process and can affect the quality of the wine.

Formerly, the winery used simple transparent tubes attached to each tank to obtain a general idea of the wine level in the tank.

However, with the expansion in size of the winery, and the increasing complexity of the production process, there developed a need to improve control over the tanks and attain more accurate readings of the wine level.

The winery engineers sought a solution that would provide continuous and accurate readings and enable them full control of the wine level in the tanks, remotely from a control room.

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