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Moray Firth Concept Engineering Study - Case Study


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Location: Moray Firth, Scotland

Key Facts:

Client: EDP Renováveis (EDPR) and Repsol
Timescale: 2010 - 2012
Discipline: Offshore Transmission

Project Team: As part of the Moray Firth Renewables Limited development team which integrates work packages from a number of key consultants. TNEI is responsible for Work Packages 5 and 6, Array Electrical Layout, and Electrical Infrastructure and Grid Connection.

Objective: To undertake concept evaluation for Moray Firth offshore wind farm using a three stage iterative process, Initialise, Optimise and Finalise.

Scope: The scope of work consists of developing, testing and optimising concept engineering designs for the array electrical layout, electrical infrastructure and export connection. This specifically includes providing engineering input to project cost models and preliminary cost-benefit analysis, supply chain engagement in advance of the main tendering activity and establishing a project engineering baseline for input to FEED (Front End Engineering Design).

The electrical layout of the Array is closely linked to the optimum export solution, in particular around the number of platforms and capacity of each. Also, the electrical system cannot be considered in isolation from the supply chain or more critically for offshore, the installation and O&M costs. Considerable attention is being given to interfacing with other work packages throughout the course of this work to manage the uncertainty in available data and ensuring new information is incorporated into the design process in a timely manner.

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