More Good News on a Bumper Apple Crop – Cone Bottom Tanks and Cider Production


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We’ve touched on this before, but according to the Financial Times, this year’s bumper apple crop is going from strength to strength. Often an anxious time of year for cider makers, this years crop eases the supply pressures for manufacturers trying to keep pace with this rapid growth category, worth about £3bn and set to grow to circa £3.7bn by 2017, according to market research giant, Mintel.

As manufacturers of cone bottom tanks, we’re only too aware that to make cider effectively, makers need to source quality cone tanks that allow for sediment to sink to the bottom and be drained. In addition, our cone tanks are manufactured from high-density, food-grade polyethylene and in ‘natural’ allow for easy gauging of content levels.

So good news all around for apple farmers and cider producers, especially across the more traditional apple-growing counties of Suffolk, Somerset and Herefordshire, who supply mills with the tannin-rich apples that give cider its taste.

The UK is the world’s largest cider-drinking country, with the industry supporting some 9,000 rural jobs and 1,500 in manufacturing. In all there are close to 500 companies producing cider, from market leading brands such as Heineken, which owns the Strongbow and Bulmers brands, right through to small craft-based brands, down to home-brew hobbyists. Enduramaxx Cone Bottom Tanks begin at 1360 litre capacity, going through to 6200 litres, meaning there is a cone tank to suit all levels of production.

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