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NEBOSH Exam Results – Where to go next

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NEBOSH Exam – Options for Passes and Referrals

Well here I am, waiting to fling myself at the postman like a rabid dog.  Yes, it’s exam results day and like most NEBOSH students I have been waiting for what seems an eternity for the envelope bearing the NEBOSH logo, envying those who have already received their results by email.

The question is, have I passed or have I failed?

A referral is not a failure, a pass is not the end

Well firstly, a pass would be great but ‘failed’ isn’t as defeating as it initially sounds.  I have completed the course and given it my best shot which is in no way a total failure; a lot of work goes into completing a NEBOSH course and the exam itself is no mean feat.  Therefore, it’s far more appropriate to use the NEBOSH term of ‘referred’ instead.

First and foremost, to those who have passed – well done!  Whether it be a certificate level or a diploma, this is the culmination of a lot of work. You can breathe easy for the immediate future before considering your next step.

There are many options such as diplomas or certificates in other specialised areas such as construction, fire or international qualifications.  Perhaps you want to progress to a degree or a Masters?  Whatever your plans, use the confidence this qualification has given you but remember to keep studying – Health & Safety is constantly changing and as a practitioner you need to keep up to date.  Have you become a member of IOSH yet? If so, your new qualification could mean you can upgrade to Tech IOSH or Grad IOSH to say nothing of the various other memberships available to specific qualifications.

Remember, if you need any help deciding what the most sensible progression would be from your current qualifications the SHEilds advisor team is only a click away with the ‘Live Chat’ button in the corner of this page.

Don’t be discouraged, get back on the horse

For those that have received a ‘refer’ mark; well done on the mark you did achieve.  The best thing you can do now is get straight back on the horse.  Here are some tips about re-taking your exam:

  1. Go back to the syllabus – did you understand everything correctly or is there an area you were unsure of that needs more work?
  2. Check your understanding of command words – look again at the NEBOSH guidance
  3. Hit the books again and do not give up. If you passed one of the other exams a referral can leave you feeling disillusioned and I have been in that position.

Trust me, you feel such a sense of achievement when you do re-sit and pass the exam; becoming discouraged so easily and abandoning the progress you have made would truly be a shame.

Always remember, the purpose of the qualification is not simply to pass the exam, it is to demonstrate your ability as a health and safety practitioner.  Some of us just need a bit more practice but we will get there and it will be worth it.

Anyway, I think I hear the sound of the post arriving!

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