Neuthox helps eliminate Salmonella at duck farm - Case Study


Courtesy of Danish Clean Water A/S

French farmer beats Salmonella infection in duck production with NEUTHOX
In 2013 a duck farmer successfully eliminated the Salmonella and improved the feed conversion rate by installing a DCW ECA generator.

The ECA generator has various application possibilities, but has been proven to help achieve remarkable results in particular within animal husbandry. Using an electrolysis process of brine (saltwater) the ECA generator produces the liquid NEUTHOX.

NEUTHOX is used to improve water quality by removing unwanted bacteria.

NEUTHOX contains hypochlorous acid, which is highly efficient in eliminating bacteria.

French farmer, Rapin Régis, reduced annual costs by 24.135 € through the installation of our ECA generator
Rapin Régis from St. Michel de Mont Mercure in France, met MCW’s Claude Mechineau on an exhibition where they discussed how clean water has a positive impact on animals’ health, and how it can help increase the revenue of a farm.

At the time Rapin Régis’ ducks were infected with Salmonella, which not only had a negative effect on the ducks’ health but also on the settlement prices Rapin would receive, therefore he decided to contact Claude to get further information about NEUTHOX and the ECA generator from Danish Clean Water.

Claude explained to Rapin that adding NEUTHOX to the water could reduce the amount of medicine that was given to the animals, and give a better feed conversion rate on his duck production. The calculations also showed that for Rapin Régis, the payback time for an investment in an ECA generator from DCW would be less than one year.

Before making his decision on whether to invest, Rapin asked Claude for references from other farms where installations had already been made. Having heard about the many successful installations, made Rapin Régis decide to make the investment and Claude promised to take back the equipment if Rapin should not achieve the wanted results.

How it is used in the duck farm

  1. Water is pumped from the private well
  2. A pump is installed at the pipes transporting the water from the well to the ducks
  3. The pump adds a small amount of NEUTHOX produced by the disinfectant generator from  DCW
  4. The drinking water is perfectly clean when it reaches the ducks

Water installations for animals with NEUTHOX dosing

Results achieved with NEUTHOX
The use of antibiotic has reduced, the salmonella has been eliminated, and the feed/ meat conversion has improved.
Rapin installed a Danish Clean Water ECA generator for the whole water supply on the farm, where he also raises cattle and chickens. The ECA Generator has currently been in operation for just over one year, and Rapin Régis has not once regretted making the investment, since the results promised by Claude Mechineau have already been achieved.

The use of an ECA generator has made it possible for Rapin Régis to save 24.135 € annually due to the improvement of the ducks’ health. The use of NEUTHOX in the water supply has been proved to be very beneficial for the ducks and for Rapin.

*Price per kg feed = 0,31 €, so with an annual feed consumption of 45,70 kg per duck the total annual feed amounted to 776.832 kg for all
17.000 ducks. With NEUTHOX the annual amount of feed has been reduced to 771.656 kg.

Why should you choose the ECA generator?
There are plenty of good reasons to invest in an ECA generator, and many benefits to be gained. NEUTHOX® is produced with a modest amount of salt, water, and electric power and is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product. NEUTHOX® will terminate potentially dangerous bacteria like Coli and Salmonella, and is a means to having peace of mind. You need not worry about bacteria infested water pipes and jets, or handling harmful chemicals when improving the hygiene and the animal welfare with our ECA generator.

Good reasons to invest in one of our ECA generators:

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly product
  • Reduces diarrhea and improves feed efficiency
  • Reduces medical care and the use of antibiotics
  • Minimizes human intervention due to the full automatic and user-friendly generator
  • Procurement and storage of chemicals will no longer be necessary
  • Improves feed/meat conversion

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