Poultry case in UK - Neuthox increasing growth and egg production - Case Study


Courtesy of Danish Clean Water A/S

Farm in UK using Neuthox to remove dangerous bacteria from water installation

Agri Performance Products Ltd has a hen farm consisting of 16000 hens used for egg production. Three years ago Nicola Beavers (director at Agri Performance Products Ltd) was searching for a product to remove all dangerous bacteria in the drinking water for the hens.

In May 2014 at the exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands Nicola met Peter Madsen from DCW and started talking about the ECA technology.

Nicola was looking for a different ECA solution than the one she had already because the current generator was lacking in reliability, quality, performance, and service from producer.

Nicola was impressed with DCW’s generator performances and references. Peter followed up with an invitation for Nicola at DCW’s headquarters in Denmark, after this the connection and cooperation continued.

Farm in UK increases egg production by 8% with an ECA generator from DCW

Agri Performance Products is a family run business. They have been in the poultry industry for 17 years.

Nicola was looking for a product to replace the traditional chemicals used in the cleaning of drinking water for animals. She first started with a search on the internet and found out about the ECA technology and got in contact with another supplier. The first installation was made in the Spring of 2013, however the generator didn’t remove all the dangerous bacteria from the water.

The animals were sick and didn’t eat properly. Nicola first thought that this was due to the stables’ old design. She made a lot of updates to the stable environment, this had little effect on the animals and they were still sick and not eating. When a test was done on the drinking water, it showed a high count of bacteria. It was clear that something had to be done.

In October 2014 a T10-60A generator from DCW was installed. After the generator was installed Nicola has seen great results:

  • the egg production has increased by 8%
  • reduction of second hand eggs
  • no more need for the use of medicine

However the benefits of the ECA generator do not end there; the generator is used weekly to disinfect the air in the stables. This creats better breathing conditions and reduces the amount of ammonia in the air.

The disinfectant NEUTHOX, produced by the generator used for disinfesting the hooves of 300 sheep.

Increase income by 22,000 €

There are plenty of good reasons to invest in an ECA generator, and many benefits to be gained.

NEUTHOX is produced with a modest amount of salt, water, and electric power and is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product.
NEUTHOX will terminate potentially dangerous bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella, and is a means to having peace of mind.
You needn’t worry about bacteria infested water pipes, or handling harmful chemicals when improving the hygiene with our ECA generator.

Good reasons to invest in one of our ECA generators:

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly product
  • Even at small doses NEUTHOX removes biofilm in water systems
  • NEUTHOX can be used for multiple purposes
  • Full automatic and user-friendly generator
  • Procurement and storage of hazardous chemicals will no longer be necessary
  • High quality components

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