New animal feed plant relies on proven sera dosing technology


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Top animal feed is a result of the exact application of composition during the production process as well as the use of stateof-the-art technology. The correct planning of the systems engineering is as important as the experience of the staff in the production department.

When the Rothkötter animal feed plant was built in Haren-Hüntel, the company relied on sera – a name widely known for decades in the animal feed/compounding industry. In this industry, sera stands for reliability and quality at a reasonable price.

It all depends on the exact mixture

Not only is the composition of the individual ingredients important but also the exact mixing of the phytase solution used to spray the food pellets. A few decades ago, sera developed special systems which have been updated with state-of-theart technology ever since. Today, intelligent pumps take on most electronic processes and control the merging of the individual compounds almost by themselves.

In order to adjust to the individual conditions on site sera coordinates the planning in close co-operation with the customers to meet their specific requirements. In this way, sera was also able to achieve a maximum of customer satisfaction for Rothkötter.

Inside the new animal feed plant, 8 sera dosing pumps perform the exact mixing of the liquid food compounds and – depending on the respective type of food and conveyor speed - deliver the mixed solution in spray nozzles.

Two production lines are equipped with the latest dosing technology and sera also delivered the completed plant engineering. Production manager Gerhard Wolken can be pleased about an optimum system solution and was able to commission the modern sera dosing technology during the opening in the spring of 2009.

sera dosing technology protects resources and water bodies

It was not only the protection of the operating personnel from aggressive chemicals, but also the protection of the environment with the modern and perfectly planned systems, that has been especially close to the hearts of sera project manager, Oliver Rund and production manager, Gerhard Wolken (Rothkötter). This was the objective of the exact spraying with phytase.

The food industry uses phytase primarily as an additive in foodstuff in order to decompose the phytic acid found in plants and to make available the contained phosphor. This is especially important when feeding non-ruminant animals such as poultry and pigs,otherwise the natural phosphor contained in the vegetable food would pass through the bowel and be excreted unutilized. Subsequently, it will mostly end up as slurry on the fields and thus back into the environment.

In order to reduce the proportion of phosphor in the slurry, the phytase enzyme must be exactly applied to the food pellets in order to decompose the phytase complex and to make available the complex-bound phosphor.

That makes it possible to reduce the use of mineral phosphor carriers and substantially reduce the amount of phosphor entering agricultural land.

For decades proven sera dosing technology has helped to accomplish excellence and contribute towards the protection of the environment and resources for future generations.

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