New EPA ruling deems greenhouse gases (GHGs) harmful to humans

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Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) will be categorized as a pollutant following the US Supreme Court's landmark notice approving the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ruling. The gases harm the environment as they have proved to increase heat trapping chemicals in the atmosphere. These chemicals, commonly taking the form of refrigerant gases, originate from a variety of systems, including refrigeration and cooling units, fire protection systems, vehicles, power plants, and ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The EPA rule has stated that greenhouse gases 'may endanger public health and welfare' and the new ruling enables the agency to enforce regulations which have been laid out under the US Clean Air Act. Even if the US Congress fails to act, this authority would be binding. The gases build up and have been found to be responsible for adverse climate changes.

Passed on April 17, 2009, the EPA rule stresses strict regulations on carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases. These offenders have been shown to harm the public and the environment and the endangerment finding puts those facilities that use certain chemicals on notice that they must begin phasing out usage and turning to alternatives.

A 60-day public comment period has been opened up by the feds following the US Supreme Court's approval of the EPA rule. Once this comment period closes, the findings will go into the Federal Register, forcing the EPA to implement its rules and regulations if the US Congress has not enacted a law by that time.

It is now clear, following the recent EPA rule, the facilities that manage, use, or procure environmentally harmful chemicals must accelerate the efforts to find efficient and cost-effective ways to both track and report their fugitive emissions. The Obama administration and other global leaders have pledged to improve air quality and reduce global warming as part of The Kyoto Protocol and other international treaties currently being discussed.

The EPA rule is designed to reduce the more than 7,000,000,000 tons of greenhouse gases discharged in the United States per year. Certain industries are the worst offenders, including coal-fired power plants, facilities using refrigerant gas, industrial sources and motor vehicles.

Following the previously approved EPA rule and this most recent court ruling, facilities are turning to software applications to assist them in their refrigerant tracking. Regulations insist that they track the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons, found in refrigerant gas.

The current phase out of refrigerant gases used in commercial cooling, air conditioning and fire suppression systems, is in addition to the EPA rule. Also, the new US administration has plans to include a cap and trade system to encourage companies to invest in greener methods. The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun its work to issue its final ruling and to propose environmental standards that must be complied with in order to avoid penalties and fines.

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