Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry: March towards getting Greener


A major concern to the growth and development of fertilizer manufacturing industries all over the world is on the environmental front. Serious efforts are underway to make fertiliser technologies most environment friendly and sustainable with the help of research and development initiatives in technology as well as management of facilities. Technology plays a key role in improving the efficiency of operations and is vital in reducing pollution and environmental footprints. Still, fact remains that even with the best-developed technology, materials and advanced control strategies it has been not possible to fully ward off the environmental consequences. Here continuous research and innovation in the manufacturing technology hold the key.

The Fertilizer Industry is committed to supply plant nutrients for agriculture economically and at the same time it must also reduce waste and pollution to protect the environment. Efforts for to environment protection on process plant sometimes may complement the profitability goals of the company. In certain other cases it need not be so. In the past, material and energy efficiencies and environmental impacts were least important to the industry operator. Considerable degradation has taken place as a consequence of this approach and it necessitated an altogether different kind of approach to be taken apart from ‘end-of-pipe’ treatment methods. The Fertilizer industries, through eco-efficiency, sustainable development and other movements have attempted to redesign processes to render them environment friendly and has absorbed eco-efficiency and other approaches that shift businesses ‘beyond compliance’ and increase corporate environmental stewardship. These attempts have helped to develop new approaches towards cleaner technologies to prevent pollution, reduce or eliminate HAZCHEM storage installations and use inherent safety concepts in the design of the facility for manufacture of fertilizer products and identify and reduce risks to human health and the environment from existing and future exposure to persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals.

This paper intends to trace the course of the developments in nitrogenous fertilizer industry to achieve the twin goals of achieving production and meeting environmental quality requirements.

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