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Numbers matter: Colorado group backs up restoration work with hard data

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Wildlands Restoration Volunteers has spent years restoring Campbell Creek to its original splendor. Now, with donated
equipment from In-Situ, they’re able to measure the full impact of their hard work.


Campbell Valley, in Northern Colorado, is one of the prettiest places you’d ever want to visit, but a closer look reveals a
damaged landscape scarred by misuse and neglect.

More than a century ago, Campbell Creek was used to transport irrigation water while the irrigation canal for the area
was under construction. Massive amounts of water flowing through the creek bed eroded millions of cubic yards of soil.
The creek’s natural path disappeared, and the elevation of the creek bottom dropped by about 40 feet, carving a deep
gash in the land and sending heavy loads of sediment downstream.

More recently, severe canal leakage has gone unchecked and created network of muddy tributaries and sinkholes that
threaten the valley’s stability.

The Colorado nonprofit Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, working with several partners including The Nature
Conservancy and Colorado State University, is in the midst of…


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