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Organic wine between health and competitiveness

Do factors, from the consumption side, blocking or promoting the development and diffusion of organic wine exist? What kind of relationship exists between the attention that consumers assign to the theme of environmental sustainability, their worries for matters of health and the spreading of organic wine? These questions led us to investigate the purchasing behaviour of organic products, especially organic wine, in order to understand the existence of consumption factors which do not stimulate on offer. The research proposes a survey of 200 Italian consumers in order to understand attitudes towards organic wine, through the implementation of a cluster analysis. The findings of this study would offer indications that may contribute to better strategic and tactical wine production and marketing decisions and government bodies interested in designing economic, social and environmental sustainable development programmes.

Keywords: organic wine, consumers, health protection, environmental sustainability, organic farming, alcohol, alcoholic drinks, competitiveness, consumption factors, wine diffusion, purchasing behaviour, organic products, Italy, cluster analysis, strategic production, tactical production, wine production, marketing decisions, government bodies, economic development, social development, environmental development, programme design, sustainable society, sustainable development

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