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Pandemic of chronic diseases, its roots and policy development

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In this paper, an up-to-date problem of chronic diseases and mental disorders is considered at the global scale and its major socio-economic and environmental roots are identified (excessive consumerism, stressful unhealthy lifestyle, undeveloped social services, pollution). The specific institutional (public arts, sports facilities and recreational areas for systemic human development, eco-villages system), economic (changing consumption and production models, eco-taxation) and educational (shaping of socio-ecological values) policy reforms are developed to address this problem at personal and governmental levels.

Keywords: chronic diseases, socio-economics, consumerism, education, changed values, systemic development, human development, physical activity, pandemics, mental disorders, environmental factors, stressful lifestyles, unhealthy lifestyles, stress, undeveloped services, social services, pollution, public arts, sports facilities, recreational areas, eco-villages, ecology, consumption models, production models, eco-taxation, taxes, socio-ecological values, policy reforms, institutional reforms, educational policies, personal responsibilities, central government, society, systems science, health, disease, natural environment, longevity

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