PEDRR policy brief for post-2015 Hyogo Framework


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Key messages for the streamlined document of the post-2015 framework on DRR dated 28 January 20151

More and more countries around the world are already recognizing and applying ecosystem-based approaches for reducing disaster risk. Such approaches have already been endorsed in several multilateral processes, including in the UNFCCC and the most recent decision adopted by the 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (XII/20. Biodiversity, climate change and disaster risk reduction) in October 2014.

The growing evidence and endorsement of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction should likewise be reflected in HFA-22. Environment should be regarded as a cross-cutting issue and clearly articulated in the Preamble. Guiding Principles, Expected Outcome and Goal, and across all Priority Areas for Action.

Sustainable ecosystem management solutions should be explicitly recognized as a solution for disaster risk reduction and building resilience.

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