Perfectly clean water without the use of toxic chemicals - The Poultry Industry - Case Study


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Improved water quality increases earnings significantly, in the poultry industry
Bacterial contamination in drinking water can be heavily attributed to biofilm buildup inside the water pipes. Danish Clean Water manufactures a line of ECA generators that produce the disinfectant NEUTHOX, which is a highly effective terminator of biofilm.

Improving the quality of animals’ drinking water is a crucial task that leads to enhancing animals’ health. Healthier livestock on the farm translate into lower expenses and higher income.

By reducing bacteria in the water, it is possible to:

  • Increase earnings
  • Reduce medical care and the use of antibiotics
  • Lower mortality rate by 2% - 5%
  • Improving the level of hygiene and animals’ wellbeing

Furthermore, the ECA generators from DCW produce a highly efficient detergent, thereby leading to cost savings on cleaning chemicals.

Chicken farmer, Kim Uglebjerg, was able to boost his annual earning by € 25.600 by farming healthier chickens.
Brian Eskildsen, consultant from Videncentret for Landbrug (Knowledgecentre for agriculture), became aware of some tests successfully conducted abroad for improving the quality of drinking water on poultry farms, which behoove him to examined the Danish market and eventually become acquainted with the ECA generators from Danish Clean Water.

Brian Eskildsen, who is also a consultant to Kim Uglebjerg, has all along been well familiar with Kim’s difficulty achieving the prescribed slaughter weight for his poultry production. It was clear to both, Brian and Kim, that something had to be done about this issue and both found the solution DCW had to offer quite exciting.

DCW´s Danish installation partner, Hjortkær A/S, became involved and analysis of the drinking water on the farm exhibited very high bacteria count. Thereafter, Hjortkær was able to offer Kim Uglebjerg a trial with the disinfectant NEUTHOX.

After assessing the necessary equipment for the installation, an arrangement was made to install the ECA generator from DCW. The trial on Kim Uglebjers' chicken farm was to last for 3 production periods (app. 4 months).

The generator from DCW was installed in one of Kim Uglebjergs 5 chicken stables. The last 4 stables were to be used as references in the final result from the stable with the ECA generator.

Positive result
After 4 months, the results were good, and an increase in earnings of € 15,690 was documented. Throughout the test period the feed consumption increased slightly by 1.2 %. This was caused by the fact that the chickens drank more water and were less sick. Kim Uglebjerg achieved the result that he had hoped for – an increasing growth and adding to the slaughter weight.

Based on the test results, Kim Uglebjerg decided to invest in the ECA generator from DCW, where now the water for all 5 stables is treated with NEUTHOX. It has come to show that he annually saves € 25,600 as a result of the installation of the ECA generator from DCW.

Pay off! – Cleaning was never easier
Kim Uglebjerg, previously spent a lot of time cleaning his water installations in the chicken stables. After the installation of the ECA generator from DCW, this is no longer necessary.

9 good reasons to choose the ECA generator
NEUTHOX is produced of a modest amount of salt, water, and electric power. NEUTHOX will terminate potentially dangerous bacteria like e-coli and salmonella. NEUTHOX is a means to having a peace of mind, for no longer you need to worry about bacteria-infested water pipes and jets, and yet without handling any harmful chemicals. But there are even greater reasons as to why you should invest in an ECA generator:

  • Reduces diarrhea and improves feed efficiency
  • Feed cost savings by 2% - 5%
  • Reduces medical care and the use of antibiotics
  • Lowers mortality rate by 2% - 5%
  • Improves the level of hygiene and animal welfare
  • Very economical (4.5 € for 1000 L)
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic
  • Minimizes human intervention for the generator is full-automatic and user-friendly
  • Procurement and storage of chemicals will no longer be necessary

Installation principle for DCW’s ECA generator
It is recommended that the dosage is flow-proportional and experience has shown that 3% dosage (6ppm,pH8) is an effective value for pigs, cattle, and poultry.

Water installations for animals with NEUTHOX dosing

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