Pesticide destruction in agrochemical wastewater with DiaCell® - Technology

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Chemicals commonly called pesticides (herbicides, insecticides) are extensively used in farming to increase yields and protect crops. These products are very efficient but they are also very toxic. Pesticides may have ecological effects or be toxic for various terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants. These effects may be due both to the pesticide itself as well as its breakdown products. The release of large quantities of pesticides into the environment implies significant risks since their chemical fate and their transport mechanisms in soil, air, and water systems are often not clearly established[1].  For these reasons, the development of an efficient system, able to destroy pesticides and their breakdown products or at least to reduce their concentrations below the legal standards is of great interest. Moreover, if it could be implemented in an easy-to-use setup, the system could be very useful in helping farmers to eliminate waste that contains pesticides or unused pesticide solutions.

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