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Pet Incinerators for 2019

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INCINER8 are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new dedicated Pet Cremators for 2019. Based on feedback we have received from our customers and additional research and development, these are sure to appeal to the sector.

The PC1 Pet Cremator is one of our entry level machines suitable for the processing of small to medium sized animals. Featuring easy to access front loading chamber and ash door for easy access to ashes and for cleaning. This model is popular with startup pet crematoriums - its small footprint mean it is also ideal for where space is limited.

The PC2 pet cremator is a slightly larger model that boasts a fully integrated fuel tank and PLC control panel. It also benefits from afront loading design and has excellent liquid retention capabilities too. This model can easily accomodate most animals up to large dogs.

Both models can be supplied with a variety of accessories inclusing viewing portals, charging trolleys, ID tags and cremulators (used for the process of grinding bones down to ash). 

For more information please visit our 'Running your own pet crematorium business' page or request a copy of our 'Pet cremation business plan starter pack'.

Photo of PC1

Pet Incinerators for 2019

Photo of PC2

Pet Incinerators for 2019

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