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Pig manure organic fertilizer production line with annual output of 10000 tons

The annual output of 10000 tons of pig manure organic fertilizer production line (fully automatic) is 200000 yuan. The pig manure organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 30000 tons has an investment of 450000 yuan. The pig manure organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 50000 tons is invested in 750000 yuan, and there are many materials for making microbial organic fertilizer, such as rice bran, weeds, human and animal manure, crop straw (chopped), stem and leaf, sawdust. Add microbial starter, ferment organic fertilizer, 10-15 ferment thoroughly, so the cost is much less.

A small organic fertilizer production line includes a complete set of equipment such as organic fertilizer compost machine, crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator, screening machine, packaging machine, etc.

The quality of pig manure organic fertilizer production line: equipped with overload protection configuration, uniform and unimpeded, low noise, making its operation more safe and reliable. With the large-diameter conditioner, the particles are smoother, the hardness is more moderate, the forming rate is up to 98%, and the wear rate of the equipment is reduced to low. Adopt speed control feeding, accurately control the feeding quantity, so as to meet the production needs of different materials and different particle diameters. Particle composition is uniform, appearance is neat, surface is smooth, particle density is large, easy to store and transport. It can process powder feed with low water content and fresh feed with high water content.

Generally, small and medium-sized farms produce their own supporting production, and the daily output of animal manure is less than 5 cubic meters. The suggestions are as follows:

1. There is no need for professional organic fertilizer machine. It is only necessary to stack and ferment the manure in the composting shed one by one according to the stagger every day, and then use or sell it for its own use (for example, the annual output of 3000 pigs).
2. If the daily production of animal manure is more than 5 cubic meters and the height is not more than 10 cubic meters, you can buy simple facilities, mainly mobile compost machine, grinder and other facilities. The cost of investment facilities needs 100000-300000 yuan, which is described below.
3. If the daily output of livestock and poultry manure exceeds 10 cubic meters, it is suggested to provide more equipment, which generally requires an investment of 300000-600000 yuan, and a complete set of organic fertilizer machine may require more than 1 million yuan.
4. For large and medium-sized organic fertilizer plants, how many production lines need to be established according to the specific products, and the equipment can be added according to Article 3.  biofertilizer production machine