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Plainview swine farm test


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ACF-32 solved sludge handling problems, requiring extensive mechanical agitation during bi-annual clean-out, in a Pull & Plug Pump system for 10,000 hog facility. Significantly reduced crust and sludge, as well as eliminating odor in five weeks.

Plainview Colony is located 9 miles north of Ipswich, South Dakota. The hog operation manager is Larry Wipf, an experienced, seasoned operator. The hog operation has numerous barns and maintains approximately 10,000 hogs on site. The barns are setup on a pull-plug system and all of the hog waste drains to a common pumping station approximately 100 feet north of the 750,000-Gallon concrete holding pit. The level of the waste in this pit is maintained at a preset level and as that level is exceeded, a pumping station approximately 30 feet to the west of the pit, automatically pumps the excess to the lagoon system. The lagoon system includes 2 large lagoons setup in sequence and the primary lagoon effluent gravity flows to the secondary lagoon via an installed culvert system. This secondary lagoon is pumped yearly and the effluent is land applied by a pivot irrigation system.

In early May, 2003, after successfully trial testing AQUACLEAN HOG in a barn without a mechanical scrapper, the manager inquired about a program for the concrete holding pit to reduce the solid waste and control odor. Under normal circumstances, this pit is pumped in the spring and fall requiring extensive mechanical agitation and mixing. The waste is hauled by tanker trucks and land applied to selected fields. May was a very wet month and the fieldwork started late, so labor and equipment required to pump the pit was not available. The operation manager was advised as to the recommended treatment program using AQUACLEAN HOG.

AQUACLEAN HOG treatment was applied to the pit on May 21, 2003. The pit was inoculated with only 10 gallons of AQUACLEAN HOG, 5 gallons introduced directly into the pit and, since the crust on the top of the pit was 5-6 inches thick, 5 gallons of AQUACLEAN HOG was mixed with water and spray applied to the thick crust. The manager reported that after only 72 hours the pit bubbled and the crust began to open up.

AQUACLEAN HOG treatment pictures after 5 days show substantial bubbling and the solid crust has been significantly reduced on two-thirds of the pit surface. AQUACLEAN HOG was introduced to the pit at the rate for 2 gallons weekly during the next 4 weeks and then 2 gallons monthly thereafter.

AQUACLEAN HOG treatment pictures after 26 days indicate extensive bubbling and crust reduction to only a couple of inches on the entire pit surface except for approximately 12-15 feet on the southern end of the pit. The manager happily reported very minimal odor release from the pit and also continued release of chunks of solids from the bottom of the pit as the AQUACLEAN HOG degraded the waste.

AQUACLEAN HOG treatment pictures after 47 days dramatically support the success of the AQUACLEAN HOG product for sludge reduction. No crust is visible on two-thirds of the pit and the remaining crust has been reduced to approximately 1 inch or less. Again, the manager satisfactorily reported very minimal odor supporting the success of AQUACLEAN HOG treatment. The manager had also reported significant problems with solid waste buildup in the common pumping station resulting in pump malfunctions. AQUACLEAN HOG was introduced into this pumping station as part of the weekly treatment program. AQUACLEAN HOG successfully degraded the solid waste in the pumping station and the manager reported that the AQUACLEAN HOG treatment successfully eliminated the pumping problems.

AQUACLEAN HOG very successfully treated the barn pits and the concrete holding pit at Plainview Colony. AQUACLEAN HOG successfully degraded the waste in all areas treated and also controlled odors. The hog operation manager is very satisfied and is expanding the use of AQUACLEAN HOG to other pits in the barns.

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