Poland Onion Processing


Poland Onion Processing Poland is the third onion manufacturer in the EU. Onion is a symbol of Polish culture and a popular addition to the Polish kitchen. Onion is peeled, fried, frozen or processed in other ways.

The growing demands of customers call for onion producers to provide the market with onion peeled. Peeling can add value to the onions. In most households engaged in onion cultivation peeling is done by hand by family members or hired workers. One person can peel 200-300 kg of onions throughout an eight-hour working day. Businesses pay 25 cents per kilogram on the poorest population.

Fried onion is a mandatory part of many Polish dishes. It is a crispy and tasty addition to fried meat, fish, potatoes, hot dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers, casseroles, salads, etc. Ruskie pierogi, with potato + cheese + fried onion filling, are well-known in many regions of Poland.

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