Porosity, Permeability and Infiltration


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Permeability – the rate at which a fluid flows through a porous substance under given conditions.

Porosity (void space) – the portion of a volume of material that is not solid

Infiltration – movement of a fluid into the surface of a porous substance.

Infiltration and Permeability are used interchangeably in reference materials

The Permeability (infiltration) of Grasspave2

Sand permeability = 8.27 inches/hour
Grass in Sand root zone= 9 to 25 inches per hour (various USGA mixes)
Base course poor draining = 2.63 inches/hour* (sandstone with 10% fines)
Base course common = 7.37 inches /hour* (limestone with 3% fines)
Base course mixed = 38.55 inches /hour***** (66% GP and 33% GW)
Subsoils need to infiltrate at least 0.5 in/hr to be considered permeable** and
recommended soils would be loam, sandy loam, or loamy sand.

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