Portugal: P. Japonicus shrimp venture breeds profits


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

An experimental venture into the P. Japonicus shrimp business has yielded good profits. The shrimp’s market prices are four times better than for P. vannamei , more common in Portugal. The owner believes water quality management is critical. He uses only AIRE-O2® aeration. He explained, 'This species digs into sand and only comes out at night to feed. At night, we need the best environment in the bottom of the ponds.

Using the AIRE-O2® aerators, we get very good results in three areas of destratification: oxygen, temperature and salinity.' The owner studied aquaculture in Taiwan and has used other aeration types but believes the AIRE-O2® aerator offers the best performance.

AIRE-O2® aerators maintain critical water quality in the ponds.

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