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Post-irradiation annealing and re-irradiation review

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This paper summarises the review of 92 papers, most of them selected from the ODIN database made within the framework of the project 'Nuclear Knowledge Preservation & Consolidation, WWER – WS2' managed by JRC EC. The papers contain the experimental results concerning post-irradiation annealing and re-irradiation of WWER RPV materials. The results published in these papers have been obtained in RRC KI, VTT, NRI Rez, Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, with the international cooperation between RRC KI, VTT-Fortum, JRC EC and ITEP, RRC KI and ORNL, and IAEA International Project. The following problems are examined in the review: evolution of RPV materials properties and structure under irradiation; recovery of irradiated RPV materials properties and structure under annealing; chemical composition effect on transition temperature of irradiated RPV materials recovery; effect of fluence on WWER RPV materials mechanical properties recovery due to annealing; microstructure evolution due to post-irradiation annealing; effect of post-irradiation annealing on mechanical properties of irradiated WWER-1000 RPV materials; re-irradiation behaviour; surveillance programme for the post-annealing operation; assessment of the RPV state; technical problems concerning annealing; and licensing problems for annealing.

Keywords: irradiation, post-irradiation annealing, re-irradiation, residual embrittlement, recovery, re-embrittlement, trepans, templates, APT, atom probe tomography, literature review, nuclear knowledge management, nuclear knowledge preservation, WWER, RPV materials, licensing, chemical composition, transition temperature, fluence, mechanical properties, microstructure, reactor pressure vessels, nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power

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