Post-Secondary Education Institution


ERMC worked with a large post-secondary education institution to train their staff on how to effectively manage emergency operations. The institution employs approximately 2,400 people and over 10,000 full-time students. Training and exercising was required to enhance their understanding of how to manage an emergency and what specific role participants would play during an emergency.

As part of the solution, ERMC developed and delivered a customized Emergency Management Workshop for the institution’s designated primary Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) staff, as well as the first and second alternate groups. ERMC then developed and delivered three customized Paced Drill Exercises which enabled all EOC candidates the opportunity to fully participate. Paced Drill Exercises incorporate the ERMC Simulation Centre, where actors interact with the EOC by phone while role-playing characters. Updates on the emergency from the ground-level (incident site) as well as inputs from external agencies are acted out in real time to provide realism to the exercise. These Exercises allowed the EOC groups to practice the activation and set-up of their EOC as well as the effective management of a large scale emergency.

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