Poultry Food Case Study


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

This facility processes, seasons, cooks, and flash-freezes poultry for the food industry. They process about 500,000 lbs. of chicken per day and are trying to increase their production. Their existing wastewater system was limited in its ability to meet the discharge requirements to the local POTW and was therefore required to meet these limits as a condition of their expansion. To expand production, the facility was looking at a tremendous capital improvement cost to increase the size of their wastewater pretreatment treatment plant to handle the expected higher flows and loadings.

The facility had problems with levels of TDS/EC’s, wet sludge that was expensive to dispose, poor coagulation/flocculation control, carryover of floc into their effluent, throughput limitations due to the poor coagulation/flocculation performance, high chemical costs, among others. In addition, the City is planning to levy surcharges for EC/TDS due to their noncompliance with their NPDES permit.

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