Poultry Processing - Ave Impex, Romania - Case Study


Courtesy of NCH UK Ltd

AVE IMPEX was found in 1994 and it is placed in North of Romania. Having a turnover of 20 mil.euro/year and a production of 14.000 tones/year, it is one of the leaders on Romanian market in its field. In 2003 at Geneva the company win “GOLD” of international award “ERA” for quality in both management and products.

AVE IMPEX has implemented ISO/22000 - quality management systems and HACCP food products security management system. In February 2005, the company obtained the certificate for using the registered mark of the Green Point Program Management The company has 17 reproduction halls of heavy breeds, 2 incubation stands, 1 slaughterhouse with highly updated installations, 1 meat factory and 1 mixed feed factory.


Waste waters discharged from AVE IMPEX poultry slaughter-house contained an important amount of organic residues that decomposed and led to high rates of COD, BOD, FOG, but also of sulphides and hydrogen sulphide. Consequently, the monthly fines amounted to aprox.20.000 euro. Also the main lines from evisceration section had problems because of regular clogging.


The NCH - Chemsearch team visualized and analyzed the lines between the slaughter-house to the waste water plant. Having in view the blockages, in September 2009 they recommended to install one unit on the most loaded line from evisceration section (pic. 1). After 2 months the customer was convinced of the effectiveness of BioAmp treatment and agreed to install 3 more BioAmp units in the packaging area and at the lift station of the station plant.


By supplementing the BioAmp units with these 3, we manage to significantly decrease BOD, COD, FOG and H2S , so that after 7 months since we installed the first BioAmp these values are below the legal approved values. That fact lead to savings of approx. 100.000 euro by avoiding the respective surcharges.

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