Principles for market-orientated production of compost products from the perspective of a plant operator

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The treatment of biological waste, and composting in particular, has received a great boost in recent years since the introduction of source separation for biological waste in the 1980s. At the same time, legal regulations and guidelines for the construction of composting plants, production and trading of compost products were expanded.

At present, about 6.5 million tonnes of biological waste is collected in Germany. In the year 2000, we can expect this amount to gradually rise to about 10 million tonnes. This will mean about 8 to 10 million m3 of the finished product. The future development of the product with regard to its various areas of application will depend not only on the development of national and European laws, but also in particular on customer acceptance and the products' competitiveness in comparison with other humus products for similar use.

In addition to precautionary soil-protection measures, we will in future need to turn more attention to the benefits and effectiveness of the composts on the market. At present, the customer is often unable to differentiate and therefore hopes for expert advice tailored to his needs.

Another important factor is a constant high and reproducible standard of quality. Successful sales in agriculture and other areas can only be achieved if the production of high-quality compost products is market-orientated and therefore aimed at the customer's needs.

Only the producer who can consistently and permanently satisfy his customers, adapt flexibly to their needs and product specifications and offer product innovations will gain the privilege of establishing a long-term presence on the highly competitive market for organic fertilisers, soil improvers and substrates for culturing. In this respect, it is essential to choose an effective quality management system and to adequately adapt production techniques.

The W.U.R.M. company policy is constantly geared to fulfil customer expectations with a wide range of products for various areas of application.

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