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Process of sludge fermentation organic fertilizer machine

Early stage fermentation part: the sludge fermentation organic fertilizer machine process needs to build a 3-meter-wide × 50-meter-long (which can ferment more than 200 tons of raw materials) fermentation tank, or one machine with multiple tanks, and then pile the raw materials (excrement, biogas residue, straw) in the fermentation tank, 1 kg of maturity agent mixed with 20 kg of water, mixed with the raw material pile, 1 kg of maturity agent can ferment 1 ton of raw materials, according to the comparison of raw materials, the temperature is 0 ° C left The right fermentation cycle is 7-10 days, 2 days compost windrow turner turning once, can be fully mature.

After the organic fertilizer machine process of sludge fermentation is completed, it is crushed by the semi wet material crusher, screened by the roller, screened out the coarse material and then fermented, the fine material can be granulated, the particle appearance is more beautiful, and the granulation rate is higher.

After fermentation, the materials (water content is 35%) are mixed by the mixer, then dried by the organic fertilizer granulator, cooled by the cooler, screened by the roller screening machine, and the unqualified products are returned to the mixer. The qualified products can be coated by the coating machine, the powder feeder, the bin and the packaging machine.

Characteristics of organic fertilizer machine technology by sludge fermentation

1. The sludge fermentation organic fertilizer machine adopts the plane layout of the first floor, which reduces the capital construction investment and facilitates the operation and control.

2. Bucket elevator is not used in the conveying equipment of sludge organic fertilizer production process.

Although the bucket elevator has beautiful shape and small floor area, it is easy to damage the particles, and it is easy to block, difficult to clean, high failure rate and large space occupation. The belt conveyor and large angle belt conveyor are all selected for the conveying equipment of this process, which not only ensures the smoothness of the conveying system, protects the particles, reduces the height of the plant and reduces the capital construction investment.

3. The way of pelleting is disc organic fertilizer granulator, which has wide adaptability to raw materials, large output and improved the appearance quality of products.