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Production and processing technology of biofertilizer project

In order to adapt to the development of ecological agriculture for customers, biofertilizer project is now launched, which is mainly aimed at the fermentation, maturity and decomposition of livestock manure, crop straw and other organic wastes. Different bio organic fertilizer projects can be manufactured according to the raw materials of different customers. Special granulator(rotary drum granulator), windrow turner, etc.
The organic fertilizer fermenter used in the biofertilizer project is made of a variety of strains and related enzymes, such as fungi, bacilli, actinomycetes, molds, filamentous bacteria, yeast, which can strongly decompose livestock and poultry manure. The fermentation agent belongs to aerobic fermentation. It has strong ability to decompose protein and crude fiber, and can achieve the effect of heating up, deodorizing, killing pests and diseases, weed seeds and enriching nutrients.
1、 Functions and features
1. Applicable objects: manure (including manure) of pigs, chickens, ducks and other livestock and poultry as well as fermentation and maturity of sludge, traditional Chinese medicine residue, edible fungus residue, husk, sugar mud, furfural residue, crop straw, etc.
2. Scope of application: organic fertilizer plant, livestock and poultry or earthworm farm, fruit and vegetable base, tobacco seedling and cooperative farm.
3. The temperature rises quickly, and after stirring evenly, when the ambient temperature is above 0 ℃, the temperature rises to above 55 ℃ in 48 hours. It can decompose the organic sulfide and organic nitride that produce odor in livestock and poultry feces, and can eliminate the odor within 2-3 days.
4. The composting cycle is short and the compost is completely rotten in one week. The use of the windrow turner can shorten the fermentation period.
5. Compost with high temperature and long duration (50 ℃ - 72 ℃) can kill bacteria, eggs and weed seeds in fermentation products.
6. The total nutrient loss of compost was less, and the content of humus and potassium increased significantly.
2、 How to use
When using, adjust the water content of the organic materials to 55% - 65%. Every 1kg of the special fermentation agent can deal with 10000kg (one to 10000) of livestock manure and other organic materials. Mix 1kg of the special fermentation agent with 10kg (about) of rice bran or corn flour evenly, mix them evenly into the fermentation material, and mix and stack the fermentation material evenly in the leeward and sunny place.
3、 Precautions
1. The product and the fermented product are stirred evenly before use.
2. This product is stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place

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