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Protection of nature and biological diversity in Turkey

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This paper focuses on the Turkish legislation regarding protection of nature and biological diversity. As it is known, biological resources are vital for the humanity's survival and for the economic and social development of nations. However, biological diversity is under threat around the world. Nevertheless issues regarding food, clean water, healthy environment, production and consumption are rising globally and efforts towards finding solutions to these problems are ongoing. Turkey also has the responsibility to protect and use this important wealth rationally for the welfare of the future generations. Turkey fulfils its responsibilities and commitments arising from the conventions signed as a result of the efforts that Turkey has supported for many years in the field of nature and biological diversity protections. In this context, this paper includes nature protection legislation in Turkey and examines the protected areas. Turkish national legislation will be harmonised with the legislation adopted by the European Community, strictly in connection with the accession process, particularly the Bird and Habitat Directives. These directives will be transposed through the Draft Law on the Conservation of Nature and Biological Diversity.

Keywords: biological diversity, protected areas, environmental protection, Turkey, national legislation, nature

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