Provigil Turns You More Productive and Alert Through the Day.

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And there were two friends a set of two burglars who had to stay up all night because their jobs demanded work only in dark hours.  One of them had trouble staying awake and would doze-off the minute they had to sit somewhere in the dark waiting for the right opportunity.   This caused trouble many a times for himself as well his associate but both of them were smart and his associate would keep a pin with him which he would prick on his buddy’s hands when he noticed him dozing-off as they were not aware of Modafinil online buy.  As days passed by they ended up making a fortune stealing people’s homes and wallets out in the dark.   Then one day being tired of being pricked every night they talked it out and determined to find a solution to this menace finally decided to consult a neurologist who they could ask where can i buy Provigil online.  Asked the Neurologist what are you guys into that keep you up all night?  With awkwardness they replied, ‘we are detectives and have to work all night following our targets’.  The doctor temporarily diagnosed him suffering from Narcolepsy and put him on a low dosage buying Provigil online and warned its side effects and if they aggravated he should discontinue use and come for a review. 

This guy did exactly as the doc told and all of a sudden he started enjoying keeping all night and found himself much alert than his colleague but a problem cropped up with Modafinil generic.  Insomnia of course!  Sleep seemed nowhere nearby and this put him in bad shape as he got terribly weary, tired and started having mood swings due to generic for Modafinil.  This smarty decided to take sleeping pills in the morning and Modafinil in evenings.  Two days later they landed behind bars all because of generic Provigil.  Reason, he took the wrong tablet in the evening and slept inside the house where he went to burgle.
Narcolepsy is a condition which is associated with excessive daytime sleep and sometimes attention deficit disorder in children as well as adults.  It affects almost 7% of world’s population being a rare disorder not much research has been done in this area.

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