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Qualified Hay Nets Bale Wrap Net Silage Wrap 1.23m


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Usages of Bale Wrap Net:
PE Bale Wrap is fast becoming an attractive alternative to twine for the wrapping of round  hay bales. This soft white netting has the following advantages when compared to twine: using of netting dramatically improves productivity because it takes less time to wrap a bale. You will be able to reduce time by more than 50%. Netting helps you to make better and well - shaped bales which are easier to move and store.

The bale net wrap is used in wrapping and fixing silage, hay or maize  into round bales. Its netting structure could give average pressure to the silage inside to avoid loss than silage twines. They have less stretch capacity but it could shape the bales and then the bales will be wrapped with silage wrap films to make sealed capsule.  Round bales with net inside woud be tight with better shape than bales without net. 
Features of Bale Wrap Net:
1. The raw material of the bale net is high density polyethylene.                            
2. It meets resistance requirement of the ultraviolet intensity both in Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 
3. The tension of each thread is not less than 60 N (6.12kg or 13.5pounds).        
4. It is environmental friendly.                                                                            
5. It ensures the strength of weight and tensile.                                                   
6. In each roll, the last 450 feet have 4 inches width cordon.                                 
7. It could be in any color and size.                                                                       
8. Full bale coverage.                                                                         
9. Suitable for all crops under all conditions.                                                  
10. Good weather protection by perfect bale coverage.                                          
11.2-3 turns to make a perfect bale.                                                                           

Item    Bale Wrap Net
G/M2    9.5g/m2, 10g/m2

   1.05m, 1.23m, 1.25m, 1.28m,1.3m, 1.4m,1.6m,1.7m

Length    2000m, 3000m, 3600m
Color    White

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