REC SiLICON - case study


Courtesy of BirdBuffer, LLC

REC Solar Grade Silicon LLC is the world’s first dedicated producer of poly-crystalline silicon for solar applications. They installed a BirdBuffer in 2008 to gain bird control for their pipes and equipment that were costing too much to clean.

Each quarter they paid about $20,000 to have a company come out and clean the pipes. Two weeks later, the birds had made as much a mess as to render the job useless. Replacing the damaged pipes wasn’t an option due to the expense of it all. So the costly clean-up was the only option….until BirdBuffer.

It was fairly easy to install, placing it on a shelf and facing it toward the pipes. With the wind direction behind the BirdBuffer going toward the pipes, the grape vapor went into places too difficult to cleanup. At first the birds became more active but shortly thereafter they noticed that each day there were less and less birds hanging around. After 3 months, with the cleaning process now unnecessary, they didn’t have any more birds around the pipes.

The BirdBuffer even worked when it was raining, snowing, and cold out. Normally the birds came to get warm around the pipes, but they stayed away with the BirdBuffer in use. Using a BirdBuffer turned out to be one of the most cost effective strategies for REC Silicon in 2008.

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