Record Crops Predicted – Storing Chemicals in Suitable Vertical Storage Tanks


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The US is celebrating bumper crops this year, according to Farming UK. The publication states that the record-breaking corn harvest this year surpassed expectations of the US Department of Agriculture and it seems that because of the warm summer this year, that the UK could be following in its footsteps.

Farming UK also reports on a trial that examines the good health of sugar beet crops. With good prices secured for this years harvest, growers should aim to keep their crops clean to make the most of the bumper year. The recent rain across beet growing regions has benefited crops and most growers applied fungicide treatments in good time to keep the disease in check. Growers should be checking their crops towards the end of August and into September to identify brown rust. The first sightings of the disease should be seen as an indicator that a T2 treatment might be required.

Fungicides and other agricultural chemicals, including liquid fertiliser, should be kept in dedicated chemical storage tanks and liquid fertiliser tanks. The Enduramaxx range of horizontal storage tanks and vertical storage tanks is manufactured using very rigged rotationally-moulded, uv-stablised polyethylene, meaning that all chemicals and liquids are kept very safe and in optimum condition also.

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