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Regeneration of teak forests under joint forest management in Gujarat

In order to understand the impact of JFM in Gujarat, a study was conducted in three divisions viz., Baria, Rajpipala and Sabarkantha covering 24 villages. Vegetation parameters such as species richness, density of trees, basal areas, Shanon Weiner's diversity index, woody biomass and MAI were observed and compared with control plots in a non-JFM village. Stem density, species richness, species diversity, basal area, biomass and mean annual biomass increment were higher in JFM forests as compared to controls. This study also indicates that JFM forests are meeting substantial biomass needs of the community and contributes towards achieving sustainable forestry.

Keywords: Gujarat, joint forest management, community forestry, sustainable forestry, sustainable development, environment, ecology, India, species richness, tree density, basal areas, diversity index, woody biomass, stem density, teak forests

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